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A loss for Calgary Real Estate

Some very sad news about the passing of George Loades. George was a past CREB president and Honourary Broker with Coronation Realty. He was a member of CREB for 40 years and was well known as an exemplary long time instructor.


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A Loss for Calgary Real Estate Blog Transcription


Hey there! Rob Reynar here, some sad news today. I want to talk about the passing of what I would consider a real estate legend here in Calgary, he's name is George Loades. George passed away this week I had just heard about it today. Really sad news, for those of you who don't know, George Loades was a long time realtor, broker and a teacher for the Calgary Real Estate Board. He had a 40 year membership with the Calgary Real Estate Board, unbelievable and unparalleled service to the board. George was one of those people, when you met him, you never forgot him, he was an incredible instructor. He knew just a vast knowledge about real estate and he taught it with passion. He had the big booming voice and he'd always talk about dual agency. I mean he just had this way about him, you couldn't help but listen and you couldn't help but learn and there are a ton of realtors that owe a lot to George Loades because of his teaching methods and his knowledge of our industry. He was a proponent of our industry. He was a big believer in full time professional realtors and he did a lot for the real estate industry and a lot of realtors don't realize that we're going through massive change in the industry and George was a big supporter of that change because it's for the better and he always, always had the consumer in mind and not a commission cheque in mind. So, George Loades' passing away and it's really a sad day for Calgary Real Estate.I'd Love to hear your comments on this, R-E-Y-N-A-R,


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