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So...How's the Market? - Lots of the questions about the health of the Real Estate Market... I think it's really strong actually, especially in certain property types.. But does what I think really matter? Isn't it all about consumer confidence?


So... How's the Market? Blog Transcription

Hey there! How are you doing? Rob Reynar here just checking in. I get a lot of questions about what I think the market is like right now. A lot of people asking me, how's the market? how are things looking? Well, I think I'd put the question right back to you and ask you, how you think the market is? how do you feel the market is doing? because really, any market is only about consumer confidence and how confident people are that they're making a good buying decision and at any one particular time. I will say this however, about the current state of the market it really depends on what price range you're in. I still think that the five hundred and under is carrying the bulk of the load right now and that really bares itself out when you look at the inventory that's out there right now. For instance, I just did some research on rural property west of Cochrane. So some sort of acreage type property west of Cochrane, say up into the Waiparous area so they want some trees, they want a little bit of land and some privacy but they have got a budget of five hundred thousand. Well, there really isn't anything to choose from in fact, there's one property to choose from right now that really fits that criteria. Six fifty is the next price point, so those properties have been picked through over the course of the summer and have really left low inventory. So if you have a property that fits that description, you're probably in a really good shape right now to be at values very close to what they might have been worth in the heat of the market, say, two years ago. So it really depends on the micro market you're in and I think that's really the theme right now, is look at the micro market that your property in, is in and then you'll find out how the real estate market is doing. It's more of a specific question than a broad, general question. Love to hear your comments on this, R-E-Y-N-A-R, Talk to you soon, buh bye!

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