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Bow Ridge Retaining Walls - Some issues with retaining walls in the Cochrane Alberta neighbourhood of Bow Ridge are getting some scrutiny from the Town of Cochrane. The Town has a really good pro-active move to discover what's up instead of allowing hear say make a problem out to be larger than it is..

Bow Ridge Retaining Walls Blog Transcription


Hey there! Rob Reynar here just up in the community of Bow Ridge. An issue has popped up in Bow Ridge on some of the retaining walls that are in this neighborhood. In the spring of this year some people had noticed that some of the retaining walls might have been showing signs of stress and there've been some water seepage and some movement in some cases. So, the town of Cochrane knowing that what had happened in Gleneagles in the past hired a company to come in, it's a Geo-technical Company to come in and look at the area and to sort of look into the extent of the problem. So, again if you're not familiar with Bow Ridge, you can get an idea here of the walled situation that exist in a chunk of the neighborhood. Primarily the drive and the link up here, these houses have been here for some time since the early nineties and they're built on a walled system with retaining walls in the backyard. Not uncommon, there's lots of that in many neighborhoods, Gleneagles, there's a little bit of that in Sunset, if you go to Calgary, Edgemont, if you're looking in the Ranchlands. You know I can think of some in the Southwest Discovery, there's lots of neighborhoods that have walls like this. So, they've called in a company as preventative measure to look at the extent of the problem and I think that's a good thing and you know I think again this is probably much to do about nothing. They're probable being over cautious but you know what there was some significant problems in Gleneagles and you wanna get on this early and not have some of the same problems that they had up there. So, good move by the town to jump in, get on this and make buyers and sellers feel comfortable that there's nothing wrong in the neighborhood. By the way, lots of houses have been listed and sold in on this street since this issue popped up so obviously those buyers are comfortable that there's nothing wrong and I've been in a number of houses here and really there's no appearance of any problem. So, it'll be very interesting to see what comes of that Geo-technical study. I'd Love to hear your comments on this, R-E-Y-N-A-R, Talk to you soon, buh bye!


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