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Rob visits Davie Village


Rob visits Davie Village Community Garden in Downtown Vancouver. What a great idea!!


Rob Visits Davie Village Blog Transcription

Good Morning! Rob Reynar here, I'm actually in downtown Vancouver and I'll just give you a little look around here. I'm at the corner of Davie and Burrard just a couple of blocks from the hotel and the reason that I'm blogging from here today is I'm in Vancouver for a course on real estate and the internet. It should be fantastic, was here yesterday for one session, two more sessions to go but the reason I'm standing here is this is Davie Community Garden and it's a really interesting thing that I stumbled across when I was watching around. It's just a bunch of garden plots right now, not much growing right now but as the season goes this will all be plants and vegetables chosen by individual people. You can see that this particular plot is separated by little strings. So, if you are interested in having a community plot, you can contact the organizers at the city and you can get your own garden plot here on Davie and Burrard. It's fantastic, it's a big enough spot that it could easily a parking lot or something else but it's not, it's gonna be a community garden. It's a fantastic idea and maybe something we could bring home, although our growing season's a lot shorter but it's a fantastic spot. It's a little garden amongst a bunch of tall buildings in downtown Vancouver here. If you want to comment on this video blog all the contact information is right above. So click on my email or click on the link to follow me on twitter. Have a great day!

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