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Got a Visit from Halifax.

I Had a great chat recently with Andrew Perkins from Exit Realty Metro in Halifax. It was great of him to take some time out of his vacation for some shop talk. Sounds to me like the Halifax market is heating up just like ours! Remember you can click READ MORE to leave a comment on this blog post!



Got A Visit from Halifax Blog Transcription


ROB REYNAR: Hey guys! Rob Reynar here. I hope you can hear this, just at Scot Man's Hill overlooking this side of cold downtown Calgary. I'm with Andy Perkins from Halifax. Andrew welcome to cold Calgary, Alberta. It is brutal today, no Chinook wind just a cold North wind. Andrew's doing a little cross country, he's been in Vancouver, he's coming to Calagary, he's going on to Leftbridge. Andrew tell us how the Halifax market is.

ANDREW PERKINS: Thanks a lot Rob! appreciate it. It is certainly cold here, I think Halifax yesterday had eighteen degrees so I kinda wish I was back there yesterday. Right now in the Halifax real estate market, we're seeing a balanced market. average price there is around two forty-five to two fifty for single family home. Condos are right around two hundred ten thousand so very affordable pricing right out there. You know yo get some stuff along the water, prices are starting to creep up, a lot of foreign investment is coming in Halifax and buying up all that, that waterfront properties but other than that our market is really clicking along. Our average price went up in the last quarter by three percent and CMHC was thinking, you know we're not gonna see any growth in the average price. Sales are down about thirteen percent last quarter and the first half of the year we're down to about twenty four percent. So overall our market is still clicking along, it's great to be out there and you know if you ever get a chance to come out, you have a place to stay.

ROB REYNAR: Awesome, I love it, I've been to Halifax once, I loved it, I love to go back. If you need you need information on how to get a hold of Andrew, here it is.

ANDREW PERKINS: You can always email me,

ROB REYNAR: Awesome, thanks Andrew! Welcome to Calgary. You can get me at R-E-Y-N-A-R, touch base, I'll refer you to Andrew! Talk to you later, Buh bye!


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