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MOvember is Here!

I'm sporting a Moustache in support of Movember! I encourage you to support my stash by generously donating and help me raise some much needed funds. This is a global initiative to raise awareness and dollars for the fight against prostate cancer. The money raised in Canada goes directly to Prostrate Cancer Canada. Click Here to Dontate!


Prostrate Cancer Canada will use the money raised by Movember for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer. In 2008 the Movember campaign in Canada raised $2.4 million making it the largest charity event for men.

MOvember is Here! Blog Transcription

Hey there! Rob Reynar here just checking in, you can see him sporting a little friend today. That's right! It's my new mustache for the month of November. The reason is November is now called MOvember, it's a campaign that Prostrate Cancer Canada has launched. Men all across the country and frankly it's a global initiative, sporting mustaches to raise money for Prostrate Cancer Canada It's a terrific cause, as you know prostrate cancer affects millions of men. It is completely preventable through early detection but we wanna raise money so that we can find a cure and I'm trying to help do that. So, if you love this little guy, I need you to dig in your wallets and donate and here's the best part of all, the highest donator for my mustache for the month of MOvember gets to decide whether I keep it for December. So that is great initiative to get out and donate. You can get all of the information on my website, ROBREYNAR.COM, R-E-Y-N-A-R ROBREYNAR.COM. Go there, check out my MOvember page and get ready to donate. Thanks a lot, will talk to you soon. Buh Bye!

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