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Low Ball Offer... Don't Fret.

So you got a low ball offer on your home, your agent is upset, you are spitting mad.. now what.. Take a breath and do what Frankie says.. Relax...


Low Ball Offer... Don't Fret Blog Transcription

Hey guys! Rob Reynar here just checking in. I just wanna talk today about low offers. I wanna talk about low offers from a seller perspective. What you do if you get a really low offer because it's bound to happen. We've come out of a market where it was the norm. It's becoming more of the exception than the rule but from time to time you're gonna get an offer that's low. So what's low? Well, low is a personal perspective, if your house is listed at five hundred some people might think, five eighty is low, some people might think five fifty is low. I think the key is to not get emotional about the offer right off the bat. Just take it as it is, look at the contents of the offer and see if you could work with it because you know price isn't everything. We're looking for deposit, we're looking for terms and conditions, we're looking for closing date, We're looking to see what this buyer's mindset is, are they committed to the process or they're just kicking tires. We also want to know a little bit about the real estate agent at the other end and that can tell us about how the deal is gonna go. So, i guess my point here is, if you get what's considered a low offer, don't fly off the handle, take it easy, see if you could work with it because usually through negotiation you can find out if the buyer is really serious coz you just never know where that buyer is gonna come from. I'd love to hear your comments on this, R-E-Y-N-A-R, Talk to you soon, buh bye!

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