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CREB Hits Realtors


It's going to cost more to be a Realtor in Calgary... I'm not waiting for the sympathy cards don't worry. I actually think it's a good idea, but what I have a problem with is why the Calgary Real Estate Board is raising some fees..

CREB Hits Realtors Blog Transcription

Hey there! Rob Reynar here, checking in, wanna give a little thumbs down to the Calgary Real Estate Board today. They're raising some fees for realtors to be in this business. I'm not opposed to it being more expensive to be in this business, I think that would separate the cream if you wanna put it that way. I think if it is to be more expensive to be in this business, we'd have more full time realtors and that's better for consumers, probably a totally different blog but the Real Estates Board cites; low ad revenue, low attendance at education seminars, decreased listing inventory and lower, I guess number of realtors in the business as the reason they have to start getting some more revenue. So the two things that they hit are MLS membership, so they raised that, then they raised rates for advertising and rates for education. Well, raising the amount it costs to advertise is not gonna make people advertise more and is not gonna create more revenue and the reason people aren't advertising with the Calgary Real Estate Board as far as realtors are concerned is because it's primarily print driven. It's glossy magazines and newspaper and frankly we all know that's dying a slow painful death. Consumers are looking online, if you spent more time and effort on making a much better website for the listings, for people to find, for the realtors to advertise on, I have a feeling your ad revenue wouldn't be going down. Love to hear your comments on this,   R-E-Y-N-A-R, Talk to you soon, buh bye!

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