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Welcome 2010

There is already a buzz about 2010 and the year is only a few days old. All signs point to a brisk year for Real Estate. p.s the quality is such as this vid was shot on my iPhone..


Welcome 2010 Blog Transcription

Hey there! Rob Reynar here, just checking in. First video blog of 2010, Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you had a terrific Christmas and New Year Celebration with your friends and family coz that's what's most important. But now it's back to work, time to get back to work, time to get back in action and I'm telling you I can't remember a year that has started off with such fanfare as this one. Everywhere over the last few days, the buzz in the media, the buzz around town is how great the market is and how solid this year is gonna be and I honestly can't disagree. I think this is gonna to be one for the record books when all is said and done. Slow and steady winds, the raise as far as price increases go, but I think the volume will be there in spades and I think it's gonna be a terrific year. The one thing that I'd like to point out right now is how low the listing inventory is. If you are thinking of selling, I think the first quarter will be a great time to get your house on the market. Take advantage of some low inventory right now. Love to hear your comments on this. R-E-Y-N-A-R, Talk to you soon, buh bye!

This is a transcription of the latest Video Blog from . If for any reason there is a discrepancy between this text and the Video Blog, the Blog is deemed accurate.

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