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Regina Retail is Hot

I'm spending a week in Regina Saskatchewan and I am always amazed when I visit how fast things are changing here and how brisk Real Estate activity is..


Regina Retail is Hot Blog Transcription


Hey guys! Rob Reynar here checking in from Regina, Saskatchewan. I love to come into a neighborhood or a city and learning something new about the economy, about the real estate market and I think what's really making Regina tick right now is upgrading on major services. There's a new rail yard going out west of town, it's gonna be the distribution of Western Canada for Loblaws. Lots of jobs being created by that. The economy is really cooking here and one sign of that is this, that in the distance is the new Super Walmart that's going in, that's gonna open next month. This is on the south end of the neighborhood called Habour Landing. It's he first development of its kind in about thirty years here and further south is access to Trans Canada highway. They're building a big new overpass there and that's gonna be a hotel and this is a few hundred thousand square feet of commercial space, golf town and some other retailers going in there. So, all of these is a sign that things are cooking here in Regina, Saskatchewan. Really, it's becoming a hub for Western Canada. There's a lot of spillover here from Alberta, it's a really rosy, rosy and sunny skies ahead for Regina. Love to hear your comments on this, R-E-Y-N-A-R, Talk to you soon, buh bye!


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