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Gary Vee Post

As promised here's the Gary Vaynerchuk video I referred to in my Social Media presentation yesterday to Royal LePage Foothills.

Gary Vee Post Blog Transcription


Hey everybody! It's Gary Vaynerchuk, ah As you can see I'm in my Wine Library TV mode here about to get ready, yes very much, Go Saints! Drawing lines in the sand. You know, I just did a Wine Library TV with a guest I thought it was very interesting. He talked about wine making style where he feels like you should to react to the vintage. It got me thinking about a couple of meetings I've had in the last couple of days, where clients have said to me, "that's not our customer" or "that's not what our customers want" and different things that I've seen from other brands and other companies and it just becomes a massive theme to me. I am downright, I dunno I'm gonna get up because I'm so downright stunned. It blows my mind, blows my mind that in 2010 when the consumer has such a massive voice, the companies still feel that they have the option of drawing lines in the sand. Saying what their customers think or how they feel and they're basing that on reports that they get six months to a year later about you know, usually reports that are built to say what they want. I think we clearly are now living in a world where businesses have no option but to react to what the pulse of the consumer is now, this second. Because you have to understand what and what facebook status updates and what blog posts and what, you know comments on other people's blog posts have created, is a now society and if you're a brand or a business and you're drawing lines in the sand. Assumptions of what your consumer is or what your consumer wants and if you are not back that up with "real time data?" Well then you're making a huge mistake and you're not clearly seeing where this new world is heading and so what I guess my hope is with this video is cause I know a lot of brand managers who watch this, I know a lot of people that are making decisions, watch this. I'm very flattered for that, thank you. Is that, if you don't react to what's going on this second, then you're behind the curve. It has never been faster, it has never been faster than it is right now and technology's real push has changed every rule in traditional marketing and branding and if you don't live in this new world right this second, not "it's coming" or "will adjust when it matters". Right this second! You're gonna be looking for another job real quick.


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