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Morris - Reynar & Associates

I am really excited to announce the launch of Morris - Reynar & Associates.

Morris - Reynar & Associates Blog Transcription


Hey There! Rob Reynar here, checking in. Today, I just wanna talk about something that I'm really excited about. It's something that's been in the works for a while but it's now official and we're launching and moving forward, super excited. I am putting my real estate business together with a gentleman in my office who a lot of you people know, who I just have a lot of respect for, Ken Morris. He and his wife Bev have created an incredible real estate business. They moved to Cochrane, they knew nobody in town and they've built a business and it's just unbelievable story of success and I've had the privilege of being friends with them for a long time now. So we're putting our businesses together, we're creating an unbelievable team. It's Morris - Reynar and Associates, we're launching the website now in bits and pieces. We've got a team coming, Trevor Beynon is one of our buyers agent right now, a terrific gal gal by the name of Kendra Watt who is just getting ready to join us. We've got a terrific support team. I am super, super excited about Morris - Reynar and Associates. Moving forward, I truly believe it's the best real estate service that is out there. We are offering our clients a real dedication to our profession and I'm excited about going forward. So, Morris - Reynar and Associates, is just about to be launched. Watch for that very soon. you can get all the details at, R-E-Y-N-A-R, is where you can get all the details on the new Morris - Reynar and Associates. We'll talk to you real soon, buh bye!.


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