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CREA Please Say Something

This fight with CREA is taking a turn for the worse in the media, mainly becuase CREA has decided it's not talking on the issue. If CREA doesn't start engaging the public through the media, we're going to be cast in a very bad light..


CREA Please Say Something Blog Transcription


Hey There! Rob Reynar here checking in. Just wanna talk again about some of this CREA versus Competition Bureau stuff. To me, it's really boil down int he last couple of weeks to a public relations battle. This has nothing to do with commissions or representation or competition, or access to the market or MLS or anything. This is about a public relations battle. The head of the Competition Bureau is on vendetta against realtors and the real estate industry and frankly CREA is doing a horrible job in representing our position as realtors by holding a news conference, reading a statement and walking away and not answering questions, not going on open line shows. You are basically saying to the public, it's guilty as charged. I have a media background and if there's one thing I learned as being a reporter and now being on the other end of it, if you are say no comment or make no comment, the media will interpret that as guilty as charged. You have to stand up, take the questions and present your case and allow the public to decide one way or the other. We have to make a case for our position if we truly believe it. CREA, if there's one thing, there's one member of ninety eight thousand in this country. Please listen, stand up , answer the questions, face the public and we'll win this battle. Love to hear your comments on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R,, talk to you soon. Buh Bye!

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