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OTD Testimonial for the ASR


Just a quick testimonial today for the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors about how Outsourcing Things Done has changed the way I do business. Having a low cost Virtual Assistant has been a huge asset to Morris - Reynar & Associates. It allows Ken and I to focus on our Real Estate Business and most importantly, our clients.

OTD Testimonial for the ASR Blog Transcription


Hey there! Good Morning Association of Saskatchewan Realtors, I hope you're having a great conference. I know it's probably really busy in a lot of the markets there like it is here but it's great to take in these events so have a terrific day. I wanna talk a little bit about Outsourcing Things Done, that is Steve Jagger's company as you know. As a REALTOR®, I have always struggled with assistance. Number one, I could never keep them cause they were always moving jobs here in this market because there are so many high paying jobs available and frankly to keep a good assistant in our market, we needed to pay them probably forty to sixty thousand dollars a year. So think about that for your bottom line in real estate, if you've got an additional forty to sixty thousand a year to get some help doing the day to day tasks that need to be done to help you be successful and free up your time to do Realtor stuff and sales stuff. As opposed to doing the paperwork and all the other administrative stuff that needs to be done. So for me and for Morris - Reynar & Associates, Outsourcing Things Done was basically a dream come true. It's very economical because of the structure they have over in the Philippines and our worker Arthur, I'm telling you they must teach these kids work ethic at some age cause this guy works, he never questions his shift, he just works like mad and he's very detail oriented. He does a terrific job for us and it's amazing to me that we could have 99% of the tasks done in the Philippines virtually, that we would have an assistant do here that was in the office right next to us. So it really is an amazing system that Outsourcing has put together. I'm a big fan. I'm gonna be with Outsourcing for a long time because they really do allow you to have a truly virtual assistant and it's really amazing what they can do such a great distance away. So that, you know that's my testimonial for Outsourcing Things Done. I would highly recommend it as a Realtor, free up your time and at an economical time price to get out there and do what we really do. So again Hi to everyone in Saskatchewan from Calgary, Alberta and Oh yeah, Go Stamps Go! Buh Bye!

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