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A couple of my colleagues have been pestered in the last two weeks about the use of the REALTOR® and MLS® trademarks on their advertising and websites... With all the issues around the current competition bureau fight, is this really what CREA should be spending it's time and money on?

Trademark Trouble Blog Transcription

Hey There! Rob Reynar here. As you know we've been in this massive fight with the Competition Bureau. It has basically taken all the membership's resources to try and battle this in the public and maintain the image that we want for REALTORS® in the public. While all of this is going on, CREA has found in its infinite wisdom to attack REALTORS® over the use of the trademark, "REALTOR®" and "MLS®". So what they're saying is, is that we have to display the trademarks REALTOR® and MLS® on our websites properly and in fact in the transcription of this blog it has to be capital and it has to have the little "®" symbol behind it and actually I can't really say, "I'm gonna search for you a house on MLS®, I have to say in writing, I'm going to search the MLS® System". Now, this is absolutely naval-gazing in my mind, CREA has nothing better to do than target REALTOR® websites for proper use of the trademark. Are you kidding me? Like this is what they're spending their time doing. I just can't believe we're at this point where the real estate population is eating its own over trademarks. I mean honestly, who cares? Does the public care whether REALTOR® is capitalized with the little "®" behind it? No, they wanna find a competent sales person to help them with the biggest decision of their lives. This is mind boggling. So from now on, everywhere on my site I'll do my best to be in compliance. I can't say "REALTOR®", I can't say "MLS®" without the having the little marks behind it and all that stuff. So I'll do that from now on. By the way, the first line of the horrible new ad by the Canadian Real Estate Association is, is "I am a REALTOR®" and apparently under the usage guide that's wrong. I don't know, I'll just leave it up to you to figure it out., R-E-Y-N-A-R, and yeah I am a REALTOR®.

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