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 Lots of comments about the state and health of the real estate market... Let me be clear. The market IS healthy... BUT......

High Inventory in Cochrane Blog Transcription

Hey there, Rob Reynar here checking in. Just finished REALTOR® tour, went out and previewed some of the houses that were on tour and it just gives me a little more ammo to reiterate my feelings on the market and the fact that the market is healthy for sure. I saw a lot of great properties today and you know seemingly at this point well priced. Just very nice properties in a normal healthy market. The asterisk on that like I've spoken about extensively is, I feel there's a really high inventory right now for Cochrane and if I was a seller I would be a little bit worried about that and I would be very aware of where I'm priced based on my competition. Just to give you an indication, that was the number of properties on tour today, that's one Monday morning tour list right there. That is an awful lot of properties, we're up over 170 Single Family, that's changed about twenty properties in a week. We are adding a lot of properties only about 26 sales in the last 30 days as of today. So that's a little bit below where we are normally this time of year. So those two things combined, seller's pay addition, make sure you are proving best value when the buyer comes through and that means to be really well priced against your competition. Love to hear your comments on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R, talk to soon, Buh Bye!


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