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A big thanks to WestJet and how they helped SAVE the day!!

Thanks WestJet Blog Transcription

Hey there, Rob Reynar here completely non-real estate related blog today but it does have some business implications. A quick story and a really big shout out to WestJet. Okay, my wife and my new son were off to Regina the other day to visit family and we arrived at the airport in what we thought was good enough time it normally is. We did not have our boarding passes printed, for some reason there's a WestJet glitch were you can't print your boarding pass if you're traveling with an infant. I'm not sure why but it's a little glitch. So we get there, turns out, kind of a perfect storm, the line up for the people who didn't have boarding passes was really long. Took us forty-five plus minutes to get through that line by the time we see the ticket agent we're about twenty minutes away from this flight going wheels up. Normally you've missed the flight by then but I gotta tell you Charlotte and I'm sorry I don't know Charlotte's last name. I just know Charlotte that was working the ticket wicket that day. She went above and beyond to get my wife and son on that airplane. She gate checked our car seat, she got the bags on late and she got my wife through security quickly by escorting her through security. It was an incredible effort to get somebody on that plane at the last minute and it turns out the plane was on time and arrived on time and which was fantastic. So, big shout out to WestJet! here is the business implication, Charlotte could be having a bad day and just simply said no I'm sorry you're too late we'll get you on the next flight. I don't know if she was having a bad day. You'd never know by the way she treated us. She went above and beyond for the customer and now the customer is telling a lot of people what great service they got from that company. So, even if you don't feel like it, go that extra mile for the customer and it will pay dividends. Thanks again to WestJet! Love to hear your comment on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R, talk to soon, Buh Bye!

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