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Regina will soon be home to Saskatchewan's tallest building. It's a high rise Hotel / Condo development in the heart of Regina's downtown.

Capital Pointe Regina Update Blog Transcription

Hey There! Rob Reynar checking in from beautiful downtown Regina, Saskatchewan. Really big news here in downtown Regina, city council has just approved a zoning change that will allow for increased expansion downtown as far as height is concerned and it's all regarding that project right there. That's the old Plains Hotel, it's now going to be called Capital Pointe. It will be a twenty six storey so look up , way up. The tallest building in downtown Regina in all of Regina it will be twenty six stories. It will be a Hotel and Luxury accommodation, a condo. The penthouse suites will hoping to fetch in the neighborhood of one point five million, prices will start at one ninety-nine and they're going to build a really couple of cool two storey penthouses that could accommodate even swimming pools. Very high end, very luxury development on a site that's right in the core, right in the heart of downtown. The old Plains Hotel has been dilapidated for sometime and it's coming down. The top of that building will have a great view to the east towards city hall park, you know towards Hotel Sask. You'll have a panoramic of the entire city. It is gonna be quite the project and it's creating a lot of buzz here because this is the first time in a long time that they've seen anything like this here in the downtown. It's all part of a downtown revitalization that is going on here spearheaded by Mayor Pat Fiacco. That plan could include the new dome stadium for the Riders as well. So lots of activity again think about this, one ninety-nine to a million five at Capital Pointe. That's at the corner of Victoria and Albert here in downtown Regina. Love to hear your comments on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R, talk to you soon, Buh Bye!

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