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Got a reminder of how useful the Morris - Reynar Mobile Site is... It helped me when showing properties. Take it with you and always know what's going on with Real Estate in your neighbourhood.

p.s I hope Jon Pease loves the intro music.. this time.

Mobile Site in Action Blog Transcription

Hey There! Rob Reynar here checking in. Just wanted to pinpoint one of the great reasons that we put together a mobile app for iPhone. The iPhone app is terrific because I'm out here showing tonight. I'm in a Calgary neighborhood just waiting for some clients and there was a sign down the street that I didn't see for some reason when I pulled up the listings from the area off the MLS® and I'm certain my clients are gonna ask what it's priced at and I'm here already and I don't know. So I brought up the iPhone app, you just click mobile property search and it defines your location and in this case it's within a couple hundred meters. I'm actually real close. Now that is the house that I'm showing tonight, that i the house that I don't know the price of so I just click it and boom! I can now see that it's listed at 1,199,999 good list price. So that is the advantage of the app, I can see every listing in the area that I'm sitting and I can get property details on them. So not only works for the buyers but it worked for me because I didn't know what the house is listed at and I do know. So, if you're heading out on a weekend maybe doing some open housing, driving around the neighborhood make sure you get the app and you'll know what the prices of homes are in the area that you're in. Love your comments on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R, and by the way, the new intro music is for John Pease coz' he didn't like the old music so we changed it. Buh Bye!

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