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The June numbers are not stellar to say the least from the overall market perspective.. We are seeing really low sales numbers, but prices are hanging in there.. But I think that's a little artificial as there has been a run on high end homes.


Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in, quick little update on the current state of the market as far as the Real Estate stats are concern in Cochrane as I have been predicting and I hate to see I told you so sale numbers are down, down about 40 percent year over year, June to June. Not terrific in fact, June sales numbers are lower than the previous ten years at any time. You can throw May in about category as well. So, sales are down the median price is hanging in there, however, we're about 4-0-5 just over the four hundred thousand mark. That is about an eight percent increase over last year and that's where things get funky. Because sales cannot be down there sharply and maintain pricing. So, eventually to me pricing is starting to come down eventough the numbers would say different. The reason is we'd have a run on high-end housing and we'd have a real, real top turner on the low-end housing. So, high-end housing is almost artificially dragging pricing along with it that could change in the next couple of months. So, as I have been saying for a number of months, identify your competition, price it well and you've done all you can do. Hang in there we're going to see what up on sales. It is just a matter of time. Love to hear your comments on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R, talk to you soon, Buh Bye!

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