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It's been a few weeks now since we learned a retaining wall between some homes in Bow Ridge has to be replaced. After hearing from Cochrane's Mayor, it's time Bow Ridge residents along the wall in question get proactive.

Bow Ridge Wall Update Blog Transcription

Hi there Rob Reynar checking in. Now we recently had a great meeting with Mayor Trooper McBride in Cochrane. He got together with local REALTORS®, talked about some of the developmental issues that are going on in Cochrane today. Lots on the go and we will talk further about those in later blogs. The big one that came up and it is up most concern to all of REALTORS® in town and some home owner in Bow Ridge is the wall issue. The wall needs to go, it needs to be fix and it needs to completely replace and now the issue is who is going to pay for it? Trooper was very clear that the residence of Bow Ridge need to organize. They need to get together, be of common mind. Whether it is a law sued or not, they need to be of common mind and get together and get moving on this quickly. The sooner Bow Ridge residence get this dealt with the better long term for the community. I’ll just point to the states in Gleneagles. They as you know or may not know had a big wall issue up there. They got the wall re-done, there are condos up there. So they’re all had to be responsible for it but it worked out for the best because they were forced to be of common mind because there in the condo the wall is fix , and there’s a money in the bank and life is moving on and it has not affected values in that particular neighborhood. Bow ridge residence get organize and get the moving on solution to the Bow ridge wall issue. Love to hear your comments. R-E-Y-N-A-R Talk to you soon. Buh Bye!


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