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Thick forest fire smoke from BC is very present in Cochrane and most of Alberta today.

Cochrane Smoke Blog Transcription

Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in. Nothing Real Estate related today. I just wanted to show you how thick the smoke was in Cochrane today. Normally you can see the big hill quite clearly from here, I am up and sunset looking the town office right down the Cochrane Ranche Valley over Glimboo. So normally there's foothills and mountains in the distance here and it is white. There is nothing going on today as far as you go nothing but thick smoke. Amazing how much smoke is coming in from the forest fires. You could actually feel it, you could feel it in your eyes a little bit and you could smell it. I just got the window roll down here and you could really smell it. Thick smoke today here in Cochrane. Talk to you later. Buh bye!


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