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Seems that a lot of the Agents I'm doing business with lately are really down on the market.. Is it really that bad..? Or did everyone get spoiled in 2007?

Why so down? Blog Transcription

Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in. I just wanted to talked a little bit about the general Real Estate market as I see it. Lots of media reports specifically the Calgary Herald which always seems to be negative now on the Real Estates market no matter whats happening and even so the agents that I am doing deals with right now. All seems very down, they seem very depress about the current Real Estate market. And I am not trying to through the roll horn in but our little group is having a tremendous summer and we see lots of activities, we got lots of lines in the water and we see listing inventories coming down a little bit which is good for over all pricing. So, I think this is more about mind set then it is about looking at the data itself. We can't get lost in the numbers a little bit my personal view is be positive when you're out there doing business and good things will happen. If you need to sell your house you need to be the best price house against your competition and I don't think that changes in any market. Sometimes it is more difficult or easy depending on the competition but at the end of the day if your getting the advice from a Real Estate agent and they say that the price needs to be ascend you can't sell for that then maybe you can't sell. It's not in automatic that you get to sell you house that doesn't mean that it is not a bad market. You just need to react appropriately to the current market your in. I am not this down on the market as a lot of agents that I am hearing from out there.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, are you down on the Real Estate market? Love to hear your comments. R-E-Y-N-A-R Talk to you soon. Buh Bye!


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