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Cochrane's downtown core is undergoing tremendous re-development.. That now includes a new home for the town's Doctors.

 Cochrane Construction Blog Transcription

 Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in. I am in the central business district here in Cochrane. I just want to update you in a couple of really exciting projects. First of all, is a new building for Cochrane's doctors. Yes, they are centralizing after years of negotiation they finally came together and they're going to be moving into this building right here. It is obviously under construction, big concrete structure and the doctors are going in there along with Cochrane success story Dynastream and there's a talk of a nice high end restaurant is well in this building. So, terrific location is here on Grand Boulevard. If you're going to google it is Grand Boulevard Royal LePage office you can see in the distance right there, Royal LePage Foothills. Now to the left, this building right here is a recently completed the interior is being done now and occupancy for that should be in 2011 or early 2011 and that's the Calgary Regional house authority building and that is going to be a medical center. That was built on this site as well and just pass that building is the brand new fire hall. So, lots happening here in the central business district right behind our Royal LePage Foothills office. This is really exciting a brand new home for Cochrane's doctors.

Love to hear your comments on this it's R-E-Y-N-A-R Talk to you soon. Buh Bye!


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