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One of most talked about and visually underwhelming pieces of land in the heart of Cochrane is now undergoing a long overdue clean up.

Domtar Land Clean Up Blog Transcription

Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in. I am sitting right now next to what is referred to by a lot of local folks is the former Domtar land. Domtar was a wood trigment facility back in a day. You know they coated the wood with various nick chemicals like creosote and etc. And over the years it leached into the ground where this facility sat. And for many years, this land just sat here contaminated and not worthy of building on or not able to build on. Wow, the process is now started that this land is being reclamated. You could see big piles of gravel and machine separating all the gravel and this is all part of the process of digging down. There's giant hole just right behind that pile and they're digging down into the ground and getting rid of the contamination so that someday this land in really the heart of Cochrane's Downtown area can be redevelop with a higher and better purpose. It is a super exciting project. My family moved to Cochrane in 1977 and this land since Domtar and nothing since then. This land is been sitting here for a long time and it is a really exciting project for Cochrane. if someday there's something very worth while on this property. So, We will keep up on updating you on the progression of the reclamation of the Domtar Land.

Love to hear your comments on this. R-E-Y-N-A-R Talk to you soon. Buh Bye!


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