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Don't forget to take your iPhone or iPad out with you when you are walking or driving your neighbourhood... Our search feature allows you to get information on any home around you listed on MLS®

iPad Search Feature Blog Transcription

Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in. I just want to tell you again about the superb product that we offer with MorrisReynar & Associates Royal LePage Foothills. We're super proud of this. We have an iPhone app as you know basically it allows you to search properties that when you're vacinity and find out what's on the market. So, when you're in a neighbourhood, maybe you're out garage saling one day, you see a for sale sign, you want to "hey what's that place worth", are you just bring up on your phone via our live search and you can find it. Well, we've now brought that live search to the iPad and we're really proud of this because the iPad is obviously got the bigger screen, tells you exactly where you are, it's live because of the 3g network and it just give you a bigger map with listings in the area. You can see all the little red dots those are the listings and you just punch one of the little red dots and it will tells you exactly what is around you and it gives you some property details as well. So, now our iPhone search is now iPad accessible. It's superb! It's a great tool when you're out in the neighbourhood looking for houses get all the details right from the site. Try it out!

Love to hear your thoughts. R-E-Y-N-A-R Talk to you soon. Buh Bye!


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