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The Town of Cochrane is growing again. This time to the south.. Machines are rolling and clearing land for Fireside of Cochrane. It's an exciting project that should see Show Homes in mid 2011. Look for maps of phase one on


Fireside of Cochrane Blog Transcription

Hey there Rob Reynar here checking in. Wow, Cochrane's frenzy development phase continues. A lot of development lately up in Sunset Ridge and Riversong, well there is a new neighborhood on the block and it is just off Highway 22 which we are right here. (got to get that call in a second) Highway 22 and that is going to be fireside. Lots of machinery, lots development going on, that is going to be fireside. A brand new neighborhood. It's going to be real nice mix. There's going to be some town houses in there, some attach product, there's going to be some rear garage product and front drive garage product. Now, this mass of construction right here is actually going to be the new access up here and it will be the access to Riversong as well. So, fireside and Riversong will share an access of 22 which will be a change to come but really exciting will be some great views from this neighborhood it's not that far out of town, really close to a new commercial district where the new Cochrane Toyota is, so excellent development and a really diversified product which is what we need. So, fireside it's getting ready to start building here probably in an early 2011.

Love to hear your comments on this. R-E-Y-N-A-R Talk to you soon. Buh Bye!


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