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Part Time Realtors


I have blogged on this in the past and got some VERY strong feed back... But I was thinking about it again today...

Part Time Realtors Blog Transcription


Hey There! Rob Reynar here checking in. I am actually out bright and early this morning, picking up a deposit cheque on a deal that did not come together. Unfortunate for my buyer that it didn't come together but hey sometimes theses things happen. It got me to thinking though, there's been so much talk lately about part time realtors in this industry and how that serves the public. Does that serve the public? Does is serve the public if your realtor who is handling probably one of your largest investments that you'll ever have in our lifetime is working another job? If their head is somewhere else while they're doing your deal or while they're doing other things that realtors do. I don't think it serves the industry well. I'm not trying to pick on any individual person. I know this is a tough business but if your head is somewhere else at another job, I'm not sure you should be handling someone's largest investment. I liken it to this, how would you feel if you are going through an important legal battle in your life, very important legal battle and you pulled up to a Tim Hortons and your lawyer was working the Tim Hortons window. I don't think you would feel very confident about how you are being handled. I'd like you to think about that the next time you look for a real estate agent. Are they in this business full time and do they do this as their sole profession and are they treating it as a profession? Does it matter to you if your realtor is part time and working another job. Love to hear your comments on this,, talk to you later. Buh Bye!

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