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The studies are done and the verdict is... NEW wall for Bow Ridge. Stantec Engineering is recommending a complete redo of the retaining wall that sits between houses on Bow Ridge Drive.

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Bow Ridge Wall Update Blog Transcription

Hey there, Rob Reynar here back up in Bow Ridge just talking about Bow Ridge Walls again. That is the retaining wall that has been much talked about up here in Bow Ridge. It runs the length of this street up here in Bow Ridge Drive and then one street up they have some houses with this wall. The background if you remember from the fall, lots of studies have been done on this wall because it's starting to fail. It's not working properly and it is moving and sliding and the engineering company did a presentation to residents and to the town, admitted the original wall was under engineered for what it needed to do to hold back all this dirt. They spent the winter analyzing and they've now come out with the results of that analyzation and they're recommending complete replacement of this wall. Now this is a long street, it's a pretty big wall. They're not talking about fixing what they got but completely redoing what's here. A lot of homeowner's along here are now concerned, how does that affect them selling? What does it say to buyers and who's going to be responsible for the ultimate cost? So there's a lot of question marks up here right now. My opinion is, the town and the engineering company should be solely on the hook. None of these homeowners are responsible for any of this but the reality is, there's only one tax payer. So whether you live in Bow Ridge or you live elsewhere in Cochrane, if there's a big bill to fix this wall, really everybody in Cochrane is paying for it. I mean I guess that's the larger issue about living in a Municipality where your tax dollar is going for. Someone ought to be taking the task for doing this wrong in the first place. My advice to anyone selling on this right here on this row. Obviously full disclosure number one and you know what you have to just proceed as if this problem is being fixed because it's going to be fixed, we just don't know what the cost that are going to be associated with that. If you're buying along this row, just know that hey there's gonna be some work in your back yard. You're gonna have some people digging up your yard and moving your fence and they're gonna have to put it back together. So really there's not much that can be done and I hope it doesn't really affect the sale process of anybody up here. Love to hear your thoughts on this Bow Ridge Wall issue., R-E-Y-N-A-R, talk to later, Buh Bye!

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