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Some significant news on the ongoing Bow Ridge Wall issue. It was announced recently that the Town is finally starting legal action on the issue.

May 11, 2011
By: Enrique Massot - COCHRANE EAGLE

The Town of Cochrane has launched legal action against those deemed responsible for faulty retaining walls in the Bow Ridge subdivision.

Gabion walls built in the area that were made of rocks contained in wire baskets became loose and fence poles gave way causing the need for the town to put together an emergency plan for safety.

On May 9, council approved expenses for $133,000, of which $50,000 have been spent on filing a statement of claim.

“The lawsuit has been filed,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Julian deCocq. “We have to act.”

The town also spent $60,000 to conduct a study to determine the reasons of the failure of retaining walls built to stabilize the subdivision’s steep slopes.

Town staff has not said what is the degree of steepness of the slopes, noting those numbers vary. The town will be conducting further investigations into the causes and will keep monitoring the situation.

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