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Really interesting turn of events in the Canadian Real Estate Association with the Competition Bureau. A For Sale By Owner group has backed CREA saying there is choice in the market and nothing needs to be changed.

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Hey There! Rob Reynar here checking in. Very interesting turn of events in the Canadian Real Estates Association's fight with the Competition Tribunal or the Bureau. It's going to the Tribunal. There's Association of For Sale By Owner websites out there. They have put their support behind CREA and the nation's REALTORS® saying that the Competition Bureau is off based. There is consumer choice out there and frankly they don't want access to MLS® . They've got their own thing going on quite nicely thank you very much and that's something that we've been saying in the industry for some time. There are every possible business models if you want to put it that way out there and if you don't want to be on MLS® or work with a REALTOR® you don't have to. You can go on your own just fine and it seems that the For Sale By Owner Websites tend to agree. That will be interesting when this goes to the Tribunal probably in the fall. Love to hear your comments on this,, R-E-Y-N-A-R, talk to soon. Buh Bye!

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